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The First High Powered Male sex Toy

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Frequently Asked Questions


 What is it?  

A High-power, automatic male masturbator, with motion tracking remote control that works over the internet. 

Who created it?

Brain-child of a product designer and a mechanical engineer, working directly with a global development team of over 20 technical experts.

How much does it cost?

Starting at $249 for the SayberX and $49 for the motion tracking X-Ring.

What do we get when we order?

SayberX Solo includes a free sample lube, power cable, quick instruction guide.

Why does the device have a power cable rather than running on batteries?

The motor is custom made with such high-power and torque that it would require very large batteries that would have to be frequently changed/charged 

What lubrication should I use?

You can use any silicone or water-based lubricants, we recommend GUN Oil products so much that we include a free sample with your order. 

Can I use the male device on its own?

Yes, can be used on its own with the control buttons, or motion controlled by a partner from anywhere via the app or by using the X-Ring. 

Can I ejaculate into the device?

Ejaculating into the sealed inner chamber is encouraged. It feels great as it was custom designed to feel like the real thing.

Is the device designed for all penis sizes?

The flesh-like inner chamber stretches and hugs and is designed to pleasure up to the first 7 inches of almost every man. 

Is it comfortable / attractive / discreet?

SayberX feels great, is easy to handle and is designed with style. It doesn’t look like a sex toy or anything else on the market. 

Which option is best for me?

The SayberX, Free App and X-Ring are all you need for solo and interactive play.

How do I turn the X-Ring on and off?    

As soon as you move the X-Ring, it turns on and activates the Bluetooth signal. If no movement is detected after 5 minutes, the X-Ring goes back to sleep mode.

How do I replace the battery? 

Simply remove the casing at the back of the ring, replace the battery, and then refit the casing. 

How do I know what the battery power level is?

There is a battery level indicator in the app when the ring is connected.

How do I know that the X-Ring is turned on?

When you connect to the app and select “Pair Device,” you’ll see your ring name under the label of “X-Ring.”

Is the X-Ring waterproof?

The X-Ring is splash-resistant, but please take appropriate care. 

Can I purchase the X-Ring on its own?


How long is the warranty on the X-Ring?

1 Year worldwide warranty on electronic parts.

Does the X-Ring vibrate?

The X-Ring does not vibrate but it can be attached to sex toys that do vibrate

Why is SayberX is different?  

The synchronized movement between the X-Ring and the SayberX paired with the unique drive mechanism delivers the closest feeling to real sex – feel what you see.

What is the battery life?

Hours of continuous use? How to charge?The SayberX plugs in and never runs out of power.

What are the dimensions and weight?

262 x 140 x 83 mm (10.3 x 5.5 x 3.3 in), 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)

How does it work?

The soft flesh-like inner chamber strokes for your pleasure to the speed you select or in time with the motions of the X-Ring. 

What kind of sensors are you using?

 SayberX uses a custom-designed Bluetooth and accelerometer tracking for real-time motion control.

Will there be updates to the app in the future?

Yes, frequently – there are a lot of new features that we are excited to roll out.

Is it waterproof?

The inner chamber pops out with two clicks, and is waterproof for easy washing. The main unit is not waterproof as it plugs in.

I can’t find my X-Ring but want to remote control a SayberX. Is this possible?

Yes, you can choose to use the app manually without the X-Ring. Users are able to control the speed by pressing “faster” or “slower.”

Is the app free? Which phones does it work with?

Yes, the free app is available for iOS and soon on Android phones with Bluetooth 4.0 or later. 

When will the app be available?

The free app is already available for iOS in the App store and coming soon to Android app markets.

Is my account anonymous?

The privacy level is up to you. You connect via Screen name only and can approve or deny any request.

How does the device connect to the app?

Via Bluetooth.

What can we expect from the app?

Responsive motion control for remote intimacy in real time. 

When my device is being controlled by a partner can I adjust the speed and/or stop the device motion?

Yes, you can override your device when it’s being controlled by a partner by pressing the speed buttons, or stop by pressing the power button.

Can I use the app and use video/audio calling software at the same time on the same device?

Yes, you can.

How do I set it up?  

Connect to the power cord, lubricate the inner sleeve generously and power on. Select your desired speed and/or connect with another user’s X-Ring.

What if it feels too good?

Pressing the power button quick-stops the unit at any time. You can also slow it down to prolong your pleasure. 

How do I remove the inner sleeve from the device for cleaning?

Use the quick release cap and easily remove the inner sleeve for cleaning.

How long should the inner sleeve last before needing replacement?

At least 50 uses, more if used and cleaned with care and by using corn starch after drying.

How old do I have to be to order?

18+ only.

Where can I use it?

Anywhere private, near a plug.

What safety certifications do you have?

SayberX has been extensively tested for safety. It has UL/FCC/CE/CI Safety Certifications.

How durable is it?

The brushless motor itself is rated for more 5,000 hours continuous use. That’s more than 20 minutes use every day for the next 40+ years. 

How is my privacy protected?

All you provide is an email address; you choose your username and password. We also use our own server with built-in security.

Can someone watch or listen to me?

Only if you let them through a separate video or audio application.

Are there any risks associated with use?

Yes, intense orgasms can be physically demanding. Make sure you are ready.

Will my order be packaged discreetly?

Yes, the SayberX will be shipped with discreet packaging

Where can I have it delivered?

Worldwide, excluding countries where sex toys are illegal.

Is there a warranty?    

WARRANTY The manufacturer warrants this product against defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of TWO years in EU countries, ONE year for all other international markets from the date of purchase

What is your refund policy?

Please see the returns section

What is your return/exchange policy?

If you received your product and aren’t satisfied, you may exchange it for a new one within 30 days, less shipping & handling fees. Not if the product has been removed from packaging or has been used.

Are my card and personal details protected when I provide them to you for payment? 

Yes, they are secured with encryption and HTTPS.


If I have other questions, who should I contact?Send an email to: