SayberX | X-RING

$49 USD


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The motion tracking X-Ring remotely controls your stroke from anywhere.

The faster they move, the faster the stroke.

Attach to sex toys, giving them a serious upgrade.

Or use with anything that moves – let your creativity run wild!

Connects with your SayberX via the SayberX App



How do I turn the X-Ring on and off?                                                                                 As soon as you move the X-Ring, it turns on and activates the Bluetooth signal. If no movement is detected after 5 minutes, the X-Ring goes back to sleep mode.
How do I replace the battery? Simply remove the casing at the back of the ring, replace the battery, and then refit the casing.
How do I know what the battery power level is? There is a battery level indicator in the app when the ring is connected.
How do I know that the X-Ring is turned on? When you connect to the app and select “Pair Device,” you’ll see your ring name under the label of “X-Ring.”
Is the X-Ring waterproof? The X-Ring is splash-resistant, but please take appropriate care.
Can I purchase the X-Ring on its own? Yes
How long is the warranty on the X-Ring? 1 Year worldwide warranty on electronic parts.
Does the X-Ring vibrate? The X-Ring does not vibrate but it can be attached to sex toys that do vibrate